About Mamma Mia A true Italian family restaurant

Pizzeria Mamma Mia is a true Italian family restaurant founded by Bruno Zanna. The restaurant is located just a short walk from Bedford’s town centre – it has a loyal clientèle and a friendly atmosphere which has been thriving since it opened in 1985. The family and staff at Mamma Mia’s work extremely hard to ensure customers have an enjoyable visit. And the secret to their success has been founder Bruno’s insistence on the highest standards, the most professional staff and of course, the best food with only the finest ingredients being used.

Family Run Meet the Zanna Family

Family is the name of the game for Pizzeria Mamma Mia as it is owned and operated by all the Zanna family. Founder Bruno as head chef creates all his dishes overlooking everything that leaves the kitchen whilst co-founder Mamma Giulia continues to delight customers with her delicious home-made desserts. The day to day running of the restaurant is looked after by sons Marco (General Manager/Executive Chef) and Fernando (Assistant Manager).

Founder Bruno Zanna Explains how it all began

After working for Valerio’s Olympia group for 10 years, delivering food to restaurants all over the country, I became accustomed to the way a restaurant should be managed. So I and a very close friend, who also worked at Valerio’s, decided to go into the restaurant business together, opening Mamma Mia’s Restaurant number 1 in Oxford in 1982.

A few years down the line and lots of support from family and friends, I ventured on my own with my family opening Mamma Mia’s restaurant in Bedford in 1985. Since opening, this restaurant has been thriving and after 30 years has a loyal clientèle which has in part helped our continued success – my family and I wish to express our thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way.

Bruno Zanna (Photo © 2015 Pizzeria Mamma Mia Ltd)